Building a product incubator within a global sustainability consultancy

ERM, a global sustainability consultancy, asked us to help them to define and embed a product accelerator within the digital organisation. The goal was to build new products and services that could enable their consulting work, generate new revenue and give clients better tools to manage ESG risk within their organisation.

Our approach

We worked with the leadership team to create a vision for the Innovation Incubator, and define the places, talent, processes, structure and governance needed to create successful products within a globally distributed team.

Then we got to work, running the process with the innovation team to fine-tune the tools and templates to find the best ideas.

The outcome

Four products successfully launched and many more are in the pipeline. The work is ongoing, with the team in hypergrowth to keep up with internal demand.

We are building upon the initial design system and service design templates and training provided to the team to make it better, slicker and faster with each new product launch.

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