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Product Strategy

Opportunity Mission

Identifying promising growth opportunities is the first step to a meaningful product strategy

As well as helping you to discover new whitespace and under-served opportunities, the opportunity pack provides a solid foundation for many future initiatives.

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Together, we'll...

  1. Get immersed

    We'll spend time with you, the people in your business and your data and customer insights to understand and document your vision, company assets and unique capabilities.

  2. Look outside in

    Distil macro global trends, industry trends, competitor activity and innovator profiles. From here we'll map your opportunity spaces.

  3. Define your opportunity spaces

    We'll dive deeper into the key opportunity spaces to better understand the market size and maturity, and layer in your existing assets and capabilities that you can leverage to move quickly.


Get a map of areas and markets, bursting with opportunities to fill your innovation pipeline.

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Our clients say…

“This has been so so valuable. I cannot speak of Active Matter highly enough”
"It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Active Matter. The professionalism in taking time to understand our business and requirements has been fantastic."

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