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We understand the complexities of large organisations and we know what it takes to execute new ideas quickly within corporate structures and distributed teams.

We offer our clients a way to leverage their ideas, assets and expertise to create a pipeline of validated product concepts to fuel immediate and long-term growth.

Better products, faster

Our playbook to take you from idea to launch in 60 days

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You need to move fast to uncover new immediate and strategic opportunities deliver growth and achieve objectives…

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Now you have an idea on how to meet your customers' needs, we turn that into something real to test...

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You now want to take your new concept to market. We’ll help you find the smartest and fastest route to launch…

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This phase is dedicated to exploring the market and customers with fresh eyes. We want to get an intimate understanding of the field we’re in to find those white-space opportunities.

What we do:

  • Augment existing knowledge and research
  • Spend time in the field, visiting and observing users
  • Map the existing experience in detail and plot actors and interaction points
  • Meet with innovators in parallel non-competitive industries to gather their insights
  • Qualitative interviews with target users
  • Quantitative survey with target market to validate hypothesis

What you get:

We share insights (backed up with data) and concrete, prioritised recommendations. The result is delivered as an immersive workshop for team participation and strategic alignment. Here we begin to capture ideas and team feedback, which act as a great starting point for the next phase.

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In this phase, we dive into the opportunities to brainstorm a lot of ideas, which we quickly whittle down to more substantial concepts. We gradually increase the depth and fidelity of the ideas until we have a designed prototype(s) to test with your customers. We’ll validate the problems, the solution and the business value of the idea.

What we do:

  • Design Studio - bringing experts and stakeholders from around your business together to generate ideas and share thoughts in a unique design sprint workshop
  • From lots of low-fidelity concepts, we’ll determine the most important elements based on customer value and commercial viability (effort, competitiveness, revenue)
  • Fully designed and prototyped digital experience, tested on customers via online tests or in-person demos
  • In parallel, we’ll run a feasibility study to understand the capability required to take the concept to market

What you get:

A pitch of the winning concept, highlighting the challenge, the process and the business potential, with recommendations on how to move forward. We’ll also provide the treasure chest of all concepts through the stages for future innovation planning.

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This phase is about making it happen. Where we define the Minimum Viable Product, create a full prototype and move into the detail of the launch, creating a set of requirements for build and defining the operational plan to successfully take it to market.

What we do:

  • Develop the prototype to re-test the concept with customers to make sure they are still in love with it. Validate desirability, market fit, the key use cases and pricing strategy
  • Define the detailed service blueprint to confirm the team, structures and integrations required to power the experience
  • Run development tests and Proof of Concepts for areas of technical uncertainty
  • Build the business case and pricing strategy by estimating the cost (resources, development, maintenance, support, marketing) vs revenue/value projections
  • Develop the marketing brand proposition, launch plan and the 6-month growth roadmap

What you get:

The product demo day, where we showcase the outcome of all of the team's work. At this point, our client has everything they need to make an informed decision to invest in the concept.

We work hard.
We’re not hard work.

We aim to be as efficient with your time as we are with our own.

We work hard so that you don’t have to manage us. There are key events which are mandatory for clients to be present through our process, but beyond this we adapt ourselves to however you need to work.

So rather than another headache, we become an extension of your team, working fast to drive you towards your goal.

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