We’re driven by progress and we get things done

When you work with Active Matter, you get a team of high-performing specialists that shape around your challenge to accelerate the change you want to make.

Human centred, outcome focused

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We put people at the heart of our work

Because, when dealing with humans, experience is everything.

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We make design and business connect

Because creativity without commerce is just fantasy.

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We bring ideas to life, from concept to reality

Because innovation only matters if it gets to market.

From insight right through to impact, we solve valuable business problems with delightful customer experiences.

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We ask the right questions, listen and observe to get to the core of the challenge and size the business opportunity. Then we start creating.

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We obsess over the user experience and craft the journey to enable customers to achieve their goals in the easiest, most delightful way.

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Selecting the right technology to power the experience. From voice UI to web applications and e-commerce platforms. We help launch, learn and re-ignite.

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Rapid prototyping
By creating prototypes and simulations within days of a project start, we align teams, prove concepts and build confidence before any ‘expensive’ work begins.

Get there faster
We combine methods from Lean UX, Design Thinking and Design Sprints to enable our clients to make seriously quick progress on their most important challenges.

Execution. Is. Everything.

Since 2018 our unique approach has made us a trusted partner to some of the world’s most exciting companies.

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Make yourself at home

The AM design studio has been purpose-built for future thinking. It’s a place for real innovation to happen, where teams can think about challenges differently, conceive ideas, and test concepts with customers.

You’re welcome, anytime.

Our obsession to create value means we work harder than most. Because for us it’s not about awards or accolades. It’s about legacy.

We're on the lookout for talented, ambitious people to bring a fresh perspective to our team.

Don't see anything for you? Drop us a line anyway - we're always open to hearing from remarkable people:


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